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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get That Theme Sweater Out of Mothballs!!!

That's right, those wonderful, horrible, colorful, ugly, amusing and beautiful theme sweaters that have been amassing in attics (and basements) all over the country need to see the light of day!! 
My glorious fall morning started today with a hint of color in the backyard and the first primal thought to come into my head was "Hey...where are those great fall sweaters I used to wear several times a week between mid -September and the early frost of November?"
Back "in the day" twenty years ago when the kids were little, the mind was sharp and the limbs were limber, the  big thrill among my female colleagues, would be to see who discovered the newest and most prolific fall fashion expression in the form of a sweater.  We would be joyous over Jack-o-Lanterns, go batty over bats and be captivated with cornucopias!
Today the youngen's have deemed our beloved sweaters as ugly relics of the past; as antiquated atrocities to be donated or worse yet ridiculed at "ugly" parties. Ah, the ignorance of youth! Unknown to them is the rush of a new fall foliage fashion find! Ladies...attack those attics and basements with vigor and liberate those old friends of fall fashion! Get those pumpkin pocketed pull-overs out into the light of day and wear them with pride!  Bring fun back to the work place and seasonal joy to your dreary, humdrum world of black and white with the beautiful woven colors of your fall sweater!
From now on I will be sporting a theme sweater a day and posting it as the "Sweater du Jour" on this blog site. I invite you all to brighten your days and spirits with the rediscovery of fun fall fashion. Happy Fall!
The Sweater Queen

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  1. funny you should mention fall sweaters. I can't find my pumpkin vest and have had to settle for putting a pumpkin pin on my blazer and pumpkin earrings. sad, I know. You should get friends to submit their pics of awsome or awful seasonal sweaters to this blog.