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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Tis the Season!!!

Well here we go again... my seasonal sensations have been in hibernation for about a year now since last I  posted with an autumnal charmer.  An interstate move and all that accompanies such an endeavor forced me to fold and store each of the beauties from the Valentine hearts to the Thanksgiving Big Chief sweater that pays tribute to the Wampanoags for the yearly feast.  Every last one was lovingly folded, tissued and stored to the chorus which arose in the background singing....Donate, Donate, Donate! Did my husband really think after saving these individual expressions of seasonal delight for 25 years, I would actually let them go just because of a 200 mile move? What the what?    Today we are in a new house which has no attic but a wonderful large, dry basement in which I had clothes poles hung before the kitchen was unpacked.  I  always had the intention of  bringing my seasonal treasures, one by one, to the digital light of day but there was always another box to unpack or a fixture to install and boy, does time fly when you make a daily trip to the Home Depot!
    Now we can say we're finally settled and there are eleven days till Christmas. The house is in order, the decorations are placed and my seasonal stockpile is calling me in desperation to be let out and add to the bacchanalia of holiday delights! 
    And believe it or not, I have been hearing the random rumblings of a resurgence in the popularity of these sweaters. Yes, even the TODAY Show jumped on the bandwagon in a blur of colored reindeer, blinking red noses and jolly Santas all woven into the ramie cotton/acrylic palette of color.  Stores were visited in New York City that had racks and designated areas (quarantined?) loaded with the the party bound paraphernalia.  Yes, that's right Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are popping up all over the place and they are the "new" cool!  Who'd a thunk it! I knew I hung on for a reason.
So, today, without further ado, I give you a Christmas delight, the first one to see the digital light of day since our move. How could I choose which to start with? This one is a compilation of all the visual landmarks I see in my routine travels this time of year.  The cozy house and the welcoming front door are the icons seen all around these days as families prepare to celebrate the season, to reacquaint with old friends and relatives and to count the blessings that provide that very front door to be bedecked with greens.
Stockings and bright appliqued windows with Christmas trees conjure up the warmth and security that radiate from the glowing windows on the houses I see these nights as I walk the dog in the darkness . There are appliqued presents and poinsettias just like the real ones strewn around the house brightening corners that are surrendering to winter's darkness as the longest night of the year is just about upon us. We need our light and our lightness just as our ancestors did and just as candles and colors and candy canes contribute to the seasonal bliss, so too lets add the grand garishness of the Christmas Sweater to warm us, to cheer us and to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously!
    So I apologetically invite you to gaze upon my seasonal delight and hopefully get a smile, maybe shake your head in pathetic disbelief but at least we made a connection and I think that is the whole point of the Christmas season...connecting!

The Sweater Queen



  1. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. OMG, girlfriend you never cease to amaze me with your gift of the written word. You should write a book. The Quaker Factory Lady from QVC would have enjoyed your blog as she obviously agreed with you on the value of the seasonal sweaters.
    Enjoy your first Christmas in your lovely Pa. home.
    Nancy B

  3. Dear Sue,
    Nice rack. I'm refering to the abundance of sweaters. Thanks so much for the beautiful flower. They made my stay in the hospital almost bearable. Thanks also for the advise. My head is at least still attached to the rest of me.